Introduction to Programming

by Dmytro Chibisov, Sergey Pankratov, and Christoph Zenger


The present online material accompanies the course "Introduction to Programming", which is a compulsory 1st-semester course of the international Master's program "Computational Science and Engineering" at TUM.


The preparation of this online material was sponsored by the "Virtuelle Hochschule Bayern" (vhb). The authors would like to thank the vhb for their support in the creation of this online course.

Access for Students of TUM and VHB

The online course and material may only be used by students of the TU München, and of the "Virtuelle Hochschule Bayern" (vhb). If you are not accessing these web pages from a computer within the TUM, you need to log in using the password and login you received after your registration at VHB. If you still cannot access the course pages, please send an email to Michael Bader for technical support.

The first two chapters of the course ("Intro" and "Principles of Object Oriented Programming") are publicly available for any students who want to get a first impression of this course.


An exam on this online course is offered each winter semester. See the following two exams as examples for test exams in Introduction to Programming:


As suitable textbooks to accompany the online material, we would like to recommend the books of

Some of the examples in this online material were adopted from these textbooks.